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The production base is located in nankang, China. It is the largest solid wood furniture production base in China and the largest furniture industry base in central China. The output value of the furniture industry has exceeded 200 billion RMB. Macromatt smart home technology co., LTD., founded in 2008, registered capital of 5 million yuan, with 500 staff at home and abroad.It is a service-oriented enterprise integrating domestic and foreign log processing and production, international logistics, intelligent furniture manufacturing and online and offline furniture sales. Micromatt smart home technology co., LTD., furniture production plant area of more than 100,000 square meters, more than 200 employees, is one of the solid wood furniture brands in nankang area.The plant through the wood processing, cutting, polishing, grinding, joining together and so on a series of professional processing, the company has excellent professional r&d team, modern machinery and equipment, quality excellent workers and computer digital production management system, access to the national more than 100 patents awards, to produce high quality products provide a strong guarantee. Micromatt smart home LTD., a wood production base located in Liberia, Africa, with a log procurement base of more than 100,000 acres, can supply 200 years of logging production, and has the ability to update hematopoiesis. The factory is located in kakata town, and has more than 200 production workers. Our company has strict requirements and quality control in all aspects from selecting logs, sawing specifications, standard drying, accurate sorting, to wood packing. Micromatt smart home co., LTD., has a large number of professional, dedicated, efficient and high-quality talents who have served in first-class multinational logistics companies for more than 20 years.We provide FCL and LCL services to Europe, Mediterranean, southeast Asia, Middle East, India and Pakistan, America and Canada, central and South America and Africa.With dozens of international liner companies have a good relationship of cooperation, and signed the world's main routes.With a professional marketing team and a sound sales system in offline marketing, little matt smart home co., ltd. has more than 300 agent stores in various provinces and cities in China and abroad, with an annual order volume of more than $1 billion.Excellent service in the domestic won a good reputation of consumers, win the favor of the majority of customers.Foreign products exported to Russia, southeast Asia, the United States, Europe and more than 50 countries and regions. Micromatt intelligent household co., LTD., is a with Internet technology as the core, focus on the brand, to provide one-stop electrical business ecosystem services company, is to focus on developing online sales market, my company's existing with a professional, exquisite, passionate online sales team, adhering to the "customer satisfaction, profit for the customer" tenet, high quality to provide pre-sale and after-sale service.Similarly, with Russia, southeast Asia, the United States, Europe and other more than 50 countries and regions of large quantities of customers, committed to nankang quality home furnishing global sales.
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Guangdong, China
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